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Cork is already home to close to 150 overseas companies employing 28,500 people. The strong base of existing international brand name companies coupled with good quality infrastructure and positive quality of life experience provides Cork with a strong value proposition for new companies. ‘Invest in Cork’ is an innovative digital marketing application that will allow us to showcase Cork at its best

IDA’s South-West Regional Business Development Manager, Ray O’Connor


Cork is a hub for Technology companies. This diverse sector has an equally diverse array of research centres conducting a range of innovative projects. Please use the arrow to the right to review a selection of relevant centres.

Life Sciences & Food

Cork’s research capability in the Lifesciences sector has increased and deepened, helped by the strong base of companies in the area. The following is a selection of relevant centres.

Cork International Airport serves European destinations and has 8+ flights daily to London. Shannon & Dublin International Airports serve long haul destinations. Find out more about flights to and from Cork.

Irish labour costs have remained relatively stable compared to a number of EU countries which have experienced significant increases in wages and salaries. In Cork there are significant costs and other savings to employees, principally cheaper rent ((30% plus), property purchase costs and lower childcare costs.

Third level institutions in Cork have over 30,000 students producing a constant supply of qualified graduates in a wide field of studies.  UCC and CIT produced just under 10,000 graduates a year with 15% undergraduate and post graduate awarded in Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics and ICT.

With the Hibernian Express Transatlantic cable Cork now has the lowest latency between the EU and the US.  The Ireland subsea cable, when deployed in late 2017, will also deliver extra capacity and resilience. A third project proposes to link the Cork datacentre into Asia.

Property Costs: Studies have shown that Cork commercial rentals are half of similar Dublin properties, and so too are the service charges.  Residential properties costs in Cork are on average 67% of those in Dublin and residential rentals are 32% cheaper in Cork.

  • Terminal for bus route 215 and 215A to City Centre.
  • Adjacent to the N40, South Ring Road network (the main access road to and from Cork city)
  • 6km from Cork city centre
  • 15 minutes from Cork’s Train and Bus Station
  • Less than 15 minutes to Cork Airport



Third level institutions in Cork have over 30,000 students combined producing a stream of qualified graduates across all fields.  In 2015 UCC and CIT combined to produce 9,911 graduates with 1482 undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications awarded in Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics and ICT.